Some nice words from our clients.
Muhammed el Haqqani Muhammed el Haqqani

Being a citizen of Turkey was the best decision I ever made in my life. The house I bought has increased its value 20 percent in a couple of years. Moreover, I am regularly getting $ 3K rent every month. Now, I have applied for getting citizenship to my wife and my children.

Reza Nehzadi Reza Nehzadi

The citizenship process was completed in 45 days as VIPTurkishPass had promised. Now, VIPTurkishPass is my regular representative in Turkey, they are taking care of all my works

Bukola Abubakar

İstanbul is the most beautiful city in the world. By bringing my investment, I have obtained Turkish citizenship without leaving my citizenship in Nigeria. Now I am both living and doing business in İstanbul.